Introduction: My name is Dr. Raimo Salo

I would like to introduce myself…

My name is Dr. Raimo Salo. I work as the Director of my private company called Finland School of Education (FSoE) and as well as a Coordinator for Minority Groups’ Education for the City of Oulu in Finland.

It has been a pleasure to work in the field of education for more than 20 years now. There have been several occupations along the road such as Class Teacher in two international primary schools in Finland (where the language of instruction is English), Technical Advisor in the Ministry of Basic Education in Namibia, Africa, Project Manager at the University of Oulu, Finland and as a Director / Teacher Trainer in FSoE.  I have given lectures in more than ten countries and in several cities throughout Finland. It has been very rewarding to give my input also to some Finnish Universities to train teacher-students in their pre-service training courses as well as teachers in their in-service training courses.

You can find a map of cities where I have given training, lectures, and workshops here.

I used to work as a class teacher for seven years including two years as a Primary Years Programme Coordinator collaborating with IBO ( As a PYP coordinator, I was in charge of e.g. organising the work in the school according to the standards set by IBO, developing the curriculum with PYP-teachers and organising in-service training courses for our PYP team. Every year I used to have also non-Finnish students in my classroom which gave me lots of practical experience to work with multicultural families.

Currently, my main work includes the development of minority groups’ education – especially focusing on pedagogical practices, assessment methods and the use of ICT in education. In my work, I have planned and managed several national and international education projects in co-operation with schools. We have completed e.g. two EU Comenius Regio projects: 2009-11 with the city of Bournemouth, UK and in 2011-13 with the city of Emmen, the Netherlands.