About us

Finland School of Education (FSoE) is a global provider of consultation, knowledge, and learning solutions.

FSoE provides government agencies, municipalities, universities, schools and other organisations with learning solutions to improve capacity, share knowledge, enhance performance and foster collaboration.

Since 2004 our client centric service philosophy has been a driving principle in our work. Our clients turn to us for training courses from strategic planning to learner assessment.

Our on-going pursuit of excellence in consultancy has resulted in FSoE delivering high-quality training to our customers.

Having delivered training to learners from several countries around the world, we understand how to work with clients’ needs in diverse cultures, locations and regulatory environments.

Mission and vision

We strongly believe that it is the people who are the most valuable and important factor in any organisation. We focus on developing your staff members’ skills and competences in order that they fulfil their tasks to the highest potential possible.

In FSoE we think that educators who continue to develop themselves on the basis of lifelong learning are best equipped to contribute in their work and make a sustainable difference to the lives of their students.

Management of FSoE

Raimo Salo, PhD is the CEO of our company having the background in education for more than twenty years. Dr Salo has been involved in several national and international training courses, consultancies and curriculum reviews. He has been the main partner in a number of EU funded projects including partners from other EU countries. Dr Salo has given lectures and presentations in numerous EU countries, Indonesia, Canada, South Africa and Namibia.

Contact information

Dr Raimo Salo
E-mail: raimo.salo  ( a t )  fsoe.fi
Mobile phone: +66 (0)91 039 9711 and +358 (0)44 375 37 99
Skype: FinlandSchool