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Education System in Finland – How Does It Work?

Learn the basics of the Finnish Education System and increase your knowledge about how does it work in practice.

With the help of this course you will get ideas to your own work in the field of education to be implemented and modified according to your needs.

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Our consultancy and training courses give you an opportunity to improve and develop your practical teaching, coaching, counselling and management skills with the professional support of our team of international experts.


  • Provide advice and support for curriculum revision
  • Develop learning and teaching materials for different skill levels
  • Support the development of pedagogical competence

Training-coursesTraining courses

  • Plan and implement training courses of pedagogics, teaching methods and assessment
  • Design and deliver the Train the trainers -programmes to develop national knowledge

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Here is some feedback from the previous courses and professional study visits:

“I’m very pleased to be on this course. It was my best professional experience as a teacher. I love Finnish educational system!” – Teacher from Poland

“Useful seminars on the background of the Finnish education system. It’s heavenly!” – Teacher from Hong Kong

“I met very professional trainers. I will disseminate all the information that I received during the course to my colleagues.” – Teacher from Romania

“There was a warm and friendly atmosphere on the course.” – Teacher from France

“I got a lot to think about for my work. Especially, I need to reform my teaching practices after this training. Thank you!” – Teacher from Finland

“The training course programme was superb! Trainer was a real expert.” – Headteacher from Finland